Dennis Ritchie – Father of C programming

Dennis Ritchie who invented C programming language, co-created the Unix operating system is largely regarded as influencing a part of every software system we use on a daily basis.

Be it is Apple’s OS, Mac or MS windows, these could not have survived if C language have not existed. The C programming language, a shorthand of words, numbers and punctuation, is still widely used today, and successors like C++ and Java build on the ideas, rules and grammar that Mr. Ritchie designed. We should say C programming language had bought the standardization in the computer industry.

Why it was named “C”?

Back in 1967 when Dennis joined Bell labs, they already had a language “B” named after BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language). The B language fell short of abilities to support the requirements. That’s when Dennis Ritchie started working on a new high-level programming language taking clues from B language. It was due to this reason that C came after B language.

It was because of C programming language programmers all over the world were switching to smaller machines to do their programming, giving up the larger computers. 

The C programming language was the forerunner of several of today’s most popular technologies.

One of his famous quote:
“UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.”

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  1. I’m not a genius I don’t understand programing 😢… Well thanks for sharing the info of Mr.Ritchie, I didn’t knew much about him… Becoz of him people r able to use hi-tech gadgets, that is great… Srry bt iss Naam se muje Richie Rich ki yaad agyi😅😂…

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  2. Definitely C language is powerful and can be difficult to program in what I call raw C, binary programming. I majored in computer science and I took C and it wasn’t a walk in the park.

    What people see and code is a much much easier version of the raw C binary programming.

    As my professor told me, if you can program in C, every other language will be so easy. He was right

    All my programming was done from my head before writing documentation. I hated the documentation stuff. I loved creating applications that are used worldwide. I would say I loved making a computer dance. Still I wouldn’t say I was a guru but very talented. 😁

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    1. Yes that’s right C programme is the base for all.. I wonder if C wasn’t developed how high end devices would have survived with all the information in a small chip..
      Glad to hear about the work done by you..
      I m seriously happy someone knows C programme so well and ur comment shows how much u are verse in C programming..
      kudos to you..👍

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  3. C is mother of all the programming languages that we see today. It is used extensively at machine level, complilers, operating systems etc. A Operating systems like Linux too has been written in C language. It is also used in Super Computers and microcontroller as well.
    Dennis Ritchie was also the recipient of the prestigious “Turing Award” which is the highest award given in the field of Computer Science.
    Good post and a good tribute to him. 👍👍🙏

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  4. Interesting article. I’m useless at computer programming but my dad is a software engineer. He still has a BBC Acorn computer and a ZX81? He used to talk about Machine Code, Java, Basic back in the day but it was all above my head 🤔


  5. Uff….I remembered my olden golden days which was majorely hindered by this one language.. basically a lover of any language but this was one language which had me go in rounds.
    But being the basic language to know if you needed to know your C++ and later on Java then C# too.
    Unix was sure the basic of the more user friendly interface called as Linux….and it did manage to shake the Microsoft a bit and made them to improvice their networking based OS, Windows NT…… They had to improve.their server and client based networking OS.
    But ur info about how C got it’s name was fascinating and many a times it’s a wonder such a hard nut programming language got it’s name in such a light manner.
    Hey Chiru thank you once again for such a great info on Dennis Ritchie..and knowing ur dislike for these technical side of computer languages, I must you have out done yourself..
    Great going Chiru….Keep blogging and keep Amazing us always like this …

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    1. U got more knowledge than anyone I guess..
      and u r right Linux did made a difference until Microsoft made themselves strong and Linux ko log bhul gaye…
      haan before I could post this letter C strike my mind after all why C and found har C k piche ek reason hai……..
      And yes like Linux people also have forgotten Dennis Ritchie but he ll be happy in heaven as becoz of his work we are enjoying the today’s high end devices..
      happy blogging perky😊😊

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      1. Arre yaar …humain aise kyun sharminda karte hon…I am much more ordinary than you too.. ..nothing official about it..😋
        Yes…. aksar yehi hotha hein, they remember and celebrate the creation but sooner or later forget the creator…. Ab God ko hi lelo…we the creation are celebrated and remembered in various form like celebrities ,super stars , super models, sportsmen etc….but the grace and the mercy of the creator is often forgotten and in certain cases conveniently denied it too .

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