Tip for the day

A wise man once said when anxiety comes in follows these steps:

1. Anticipate, permit and accept that fear will take place. 
2. As you feel anxious focus in the present, use all your senses to detect your surroundings. 
3. Rate your fear from 1 to 10 and feel it as it goes up and down. 
4. Question yourself, “What am I feeling?”, “ What exactly is happening to me?” 
5. Learn to perform with fear, feel good about yourself, and accept fear as normal.

Happy Friday… happy blogging..!!!

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  1. Really good advice. #4 and 5 are especially good for me. Along with acceptance, an understanding that what we’re feeling is just one of those things that happen. We don’t take it so seriously, for example, when we’re grumpy on a given day because we’re tired. We just accept this and work with it knowing that our extra annoyance with others isn’t entirely real or at least to the appropriate scale. “Oh, it’s this again.” is one of the things I can use to get through that.

    And another really interesting thing I noticed is that sometimes, like the grumpiness above, our emotions arrive and *then* we find things to attribute them to. We’re grumpy and then we see someone cut us off in traffic or a comment on a Facebook post really annoys us. And now *that* is why we’re grumpy. I’ve noticed the same happen with anxiety: I’m worried but not about anything in particular – until something happens and then it attaches to that. Knowing this tendency helps me maintain a bit of distance and not take the feelings quite so seriously. Sure, I feel them, but there’s also a part of me outside it with a rational voice saying “See? This is just like it usually goes.” which makes it easier…

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    1. You just made an interesting and thoughtful points here.. Few things often annoys us every day that make us grumpy…
      That’s true ignoring those things unless it is personally attached us will keep us away from problems…

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