Tribute to Mastanamma – 106 year old popular YouTuber

I couldn’t stop myself sharing about Mastanamma’s story when I saw Social media was flooding with rest in peace message.

Karre Mastanamma popularly known as Mastanamma was the World’s oldest YouTuber. She had 1.2 million subscribers for her country food YouTube channel. She passed away on 3rd December.

She was from a small village Gudivada in Andrapradesh. She is the star of a nine-month-old YouTube cooking channel called Country Foods. It was her great grand son Lakshman who filmed her as she cooked her favorite recipes. The number of subscribers more than doubled in last two year as the videos of her grand old cuisine went viral on the internet.

Being born in a remote village as per our male domination society back then she was married at the age of 11. Even before turning 22, she was widowed. From then on till her death she lived alone. She had 5 children out of which she lost four to cholera.

Despite receiving no formal education and spending her life working long days in the fields as a farm labourer, Mastanamma showed a creative flair for cooking. She is often seen making local delicacies using easily available flavours of the state. She cooks delicious egg dosas, fish fry to bamboo chicken biryani in the videos, all from scratch. She used old firewood oven and preferred cooking in open area

Emu egg curry, scrambled eggs and Telugu-style brinjal curry we the greatest hits from her open kitchen. Her most popular video, “watermelon chicken”, has had close to 66 lakh views, and shows her roasting chicken in a watermelon shell. 

Chicken curry in Watermelon 

She didn’t even knew that she was featuring in a YouTube channel at the starting. As they began to gain popularity, they told her how they had uploaded her videos in which she cooked the local flavors and how she was loved by all. Her YouTube videos brought her celebrated cooking to an audience far beyond her friends and neighbors. 

Chicken curry inside a watermelon is a must watch for us guys..

They say it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Here is the example.
A confidence that will even put the best model to shame, this lady deserves every ounce of our respect. She just showcased herself as a achiever at the age of 106. 


37 thoughts on “Tribute to Mastanamma – 106 year old popular YouTuber

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  1. Wow! You keep giving us so much information that too so inspiring that makes me feel what I know is .05 only about what is happening around the world.
    She proved one thing what I heard and read..that is

    Age is an issue of mind over matter.
    If you don’t mind,
    It doesn’t matter.
    – Mark Twain

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    1. Haan that’s true for all of us.. everytime I do a research I realize that I know just less than 1% of what is unknown… there’s lot more in the universe we don’t know..
      Yes she just showed us age is just a number to make a change…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I read it in the news and yes at such age so many subs on YouTube is really tough… This is what I think u were telling about one is responsible for their own fate… True for some 😉

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