Health tip # 48

Facts about KISS

The word ‘Kiss’ finds its origin from ‘cyssan’, an Old English word that in turn originated from ‘kuss or kussijanan’. These are proto-Germanic words that were probably derived from the sound that actually comes out when two people kiss each other.

A single kiss kills around 80 million bacteria burn up to 6.4 calories. As they say for apple, A kiss per day can keep the dentist away….
What it further does..

Lowers blood pressure
Decreases cortisol stress hormone
Increases seratonin
Reduces pain
Increases oxytocin(Hormone of love)
Improves immunity
Fights off cavities
Improves mood.

And makes your lips rosy..:)  

Bonus fact: 
The first written evidence of kiss was found in four ancient Vedas of Hindu religion. It is said that these texts were written 1500 years before the birth of Christ.

38 thoughts on “Health tip # 48

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      1. Hahaha haan who needs dentist when u can kill millions of bacteria with this…
        Arey professionals are professionals I m just small part of sharing those tips.. ithu konjam adhigama ila

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  1. Ha chiru ek baar news mai bhi padha tha, kisi toh country Mai ek Ladki NE ek ladke ko suicide karne se bachya… Wo ladke ko jake hug or kiss karne lag gayi aur wo Bach gaya😂… All the facts r true and thanks fr providing a simile on everyone’s face😊😉

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  2. Thanks.Great stuff.well covered and explained.

    I tell you ,Immunity at its best,when the intensity of the kiss at its peak.

    The only problem,(being a medical man I have to stress) is how well we maintain oral hygiene.Majority of us sadly lack this.

    The cuddle hormone release depends on how intense the kiss is!

    So kissing is a serious business !

    As all of you pointed out,doctors bussiness is at stake because of the kiss affair!

    Doctors are at disadvantage everywhere…Strange!
    Thanks again Chiru.

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    1. Hahha haan that’s true Immunity becoz of intensity of kiss….
      Yup Oral hygiene more important or else benefit can turn into tragedy…
      You know I like your comments more than your posts because its more interesting and thoughtful..
      Every thing has and so does the doctors.. lol..

      Liked by 1 person

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