Health tip # 47 – Foods that make you happy

Eating fruits and veggies can definitely make you healthy, but there is more fruits can do to our mind and body. Studies have shown that it can instantly improve your mood. Here are a few healthy fruits you can try to boost your happiness. Study found that a small inexpensive lifestyle choice could have a significant impact on you life satisfaction


Bananas are one of the best fruits when it comes to getting your daily intake. Bananas contain folate, which can help one in steering clear of low moods and depression.You can consume it everyday and its cheap too. 


Apples an antioxidant that may act as a natural antihistamine and block substances that cause allergy symptoms. Apples are said to produce a calming effect, creates more energy and increases overall happiness. An apple a day is enough to keep you happy.


Yes Spinach, Please do not wonder how spinach can be a happy food. Spinach contains folic acid, which alleviates depression and reduces fatigue as per scientific research. Spinach is one of your best go-to sources for iron, which helps deliver energy-sustaining oxygen to your cells. Whether you add it to a wrap or a salad, this can be an instant, easy mood booster..


This delicious summer fruit helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Peaches also essential for building connective tissue inside the human body.


Walnuts are one of the richest dietary sources of serotonin, a chemical in your noggin that helps create calm and happiness. You can also prefer almonds as a feel good substance

Note: There could be enormous foods that could be a mood boosters, but when there is a personal experience these foods are on top.

41 thoughts on “Health tip # 47 – Foods that make you happy

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  1. I’m a banana eater aur akhrot bhi roz leta hu… Thanks for the info chiru… Chiru srry bt banana ko first kyu liya muje hassi agyi, ek Ladki hai uska Naam shahana hai usko sab banana bolte hai😂, uski yaad agyi😅…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Banana everyday is so beneficial buddy… glad you are a banana eater..
      Kyun ki I am a minion lover… I am a regular eater too…
      Hahaha really you call someone banana.. that’s funny.. and uski yaadh aayi toh acha hai na.. kind of memory…


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