Inspiration from Jitendra Choudary

Jitendra Choudhary, the son of a small farmer has invented a low cost water filter which needs no electricity. Born and brought up in a low-income family in a small village in Madhya Pradesh Jitendra underwent a lot of struggles to become an engineer. During a visit to Rajasthan, he was pained to see the stark water crisis where people saved their bathwater to use in household chores. To address this problem, Jitendra invented a water filter “Shuddham” which can recycle up to 500 litres of dirty water everyday. This water filter requires no electricity as water is recycled through a series of filtration and sieving mechanisms. In 6 months, the device can clean 90,000 litres of water. It is said that the water filter he invented costs only Rs. 7000 and the maintenance cost is as low as Rs. 540 per year. The device is best suited for remote villages with water scarcity. Jitendra has installed the filter in his college premises and begun to install them in the nearby villages. He received the “Youngest scientist”award for his extraordinary invention.Β 

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