Joy of a laborer

One of my personal experience back in my childhood. 

It was almost evening in the day. One labor was digging a hole for our bathroom all by himself from dawn to dusk. My father told him to stop the work and go home as it was already dark. He looked at us with beads of sweat dripped from his face despite the cold weather. He wiped his face and said, “I will finish the work today itself, I cannot come tomorrow.” He got back to his work and kept digging for another one hour. After an hour the work was done and my dad gave him Rs. 500 for the work. Before he could say anything my dad asked, “why you are straining too much today”.

He said, “If there is a case of tomorrow, I would not have got the money today and without completing the work I won’t accept the wage.

Despite being exhausted, he had triumphant sparkle on his face which made me curious. He smiled under his breath and started to go which further increased my curiosity. I asked him why he was so happy today. Upon my insistence, he said, “Tomorrow is my baby’s birthday and I need to buy a new dress for her. I had no money until today, by grace of God I now have the money I needed.”

That’s when I realized a man is not just a husband to his wife or father to his kids, he is the God for his family’s happiness.

Moral: First, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your capability is, just keep the focus on your work and the outcome is precious. Second have faith in the almighty God. Third you never know what an individual can sacrifice for you unless you see them yourself. 

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  1. This is really true chiru,also they work really hard yet are underpaid only because they don’t use the brain… The moral is good but I don’t understand why they are under privileged because of the foolish government or us…. Who perceive them as nothing….

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    1. Thanks buddy..
      I believe every work has its purpose n payment for it is decided by so called government..
      but it is also true that everyone is responsible for their own fate..


      1. A boy born in a rich family has good fate bt that in poor family…. Are the babies responsible for their fate? Is God responsible… How r they responsible?

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      2. Yes Being born as poor is not their fate..
        but being an adult every one is on their own..
        Life gives opportunity at different levels.. the one who works survives..


      3. Most of them born in a poor family will be poor for many years or maybe whole lifetime… I don’t think a baby deserves or some babies don’t deserve? The fault is then with the parents or whom…

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      4. I understand ur perspective.. but if there was a healthy debate on this I would disagree all the time….
        of course I agree babies don’t deserve this..
        the one again the adults are responsible.. it’s responsibility to plan ahead of their future and their kids…


      5. That is why I was telling that govt is responsible, they should get everyone educated, provide jobs rather than wasting so much money. Ye Modi ka bullet Train project toh Mahan hai, statue of unity, world tour , Kitna scam karta hai… Phir bechare garib log kya kare , with no education kya karenge… How r they responsible for their fate…
        Aur entertainment k liye kuch rahta nai hai toh sex karte hai…phir bacho ka fate kiski responsibility…. 😢

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      6. That’s true no proper education.. be it is current gov or the earlier one bas lootne me hi lage huwe hain..
        Poor people have lot to suffer.. That’s sad to hear..
        But that’s not everything.. Jahan education nahi hai that’s gov mistake, but Once they get education and out in the world its their way to make their life better doesn’t matter what gov is doing..


      7. Yes very true chiru, I also understand ur point that a person can become anything if they want to with the will power… It is true bt the fact is that everyone can’t do it without support…

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  2. Liked this post
    Because it holds lots & lots of things ….. like you mentioned( First , second , third ) .
    In my opinion , those drops of sweat which is twinkling on his face is more precious than costly diamonds , because those diamonds on his face can bring smile & happiness on many faces .Yes,he is the God for his family’s happiness.
    I think it’s the real human life , ” bread through our sweat will be more tasty & healthy ” .
    Really really liked this story , thanks for sharing it
    Brother ,I’m glad for being your follower.
    Chiru Brother , you are doing well with your blog ,,,,,, keep sharing……

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    1. Touched by your comment akshaya..
      That’s right bread through our sweat tastes the best.. thank you so much for the compliment.. happy blogging sissy 😊


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