Ice cream – Never ending love

I have visited different varieties of Ice cream over the ages. It just inspired me to write about it.

At the Ibaco I relished the Ice cream cake loaded with splatter,

With toppings of strawberry which were served in a platter.

I never missed Milky way except on Sundays,

For marvelous was their Italian Softy Sundaes.

Atomic 7 served me an ice cream with nitrogen frozen,

And Inside me i felt the flavored implosion .

Ever been served with hand crafted ice cream in any zone,

I was bowled over by one in a place called Cream Stone.

At Baskin Robins a tornado of Honey and crunchy nuts,

Mixed with delicious flavors, tantalized my taste buds.

Richie Rich went way beyond with their fair new catchy,

Serving me with new flavors of kiwi and lychee.

©© Chiru, 2018
All Rights Reserved

39 thoughts on “Ice cream – Never ending love

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  1. The dog & cat in the image look lovely, I never knew there are so many Ice cream brands, I have visited only Baskin & Robins from the list… You must have a great taste for Ice cream… You have also written really well. Only one thing you have done wrong is that you enjoyed all the delicious ice cream all by yourself… At least click a pic to give everyone the pleasure of …. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bro this is just 30% of the brands I guess there could be more than what I know..
      Hahaha that was back in India..
      when I thought of writing a poem these ice cream varieties popped up..
      thank you so much for your kind comment buddy..


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