Life lesson from a cricket match

We all would have watched the match between India and Bangladesh back on 23rd march 2016. That freaking last over was a neat set of life lessons. Here is how:

Bangladesh needs 11 runs in last over. Over a billion people are on edge with their asses on cusp of dispair or joy.

1. Pandya goes for 2 fours in first 3 balls. At this point game is over for India. But Pandya still keeps his head to ball some what sensibly for last 3 balls.

Life Lesson 1- It is never lost until you lose it. Even if defeat is staring at your face.

2. Mushfiqur hits second four in last over and punches in air. Just 2 runs needed in 3 balls. So they have won he thinks. The Bangladesh dugout stands clapping. Wrong assumption.

Life Lession 2- Never count your chickens untill they are hatched. Really hatched.

3. Two runs needed in last ball. A billion people watching are trembling with nerves. Dhoni remains cool showing no emotion. In the melee of last ball when billion minds have raced to confusion, he has sense to not throw the ball and run the batsman out. He knows he has won , yet he doesn’t jump into air or punches his fist.

Life Lesson 3- Equanimity and dispassion is key to master one’s mind. No excessive joy in good time and no excessive sorrow in unfavorable times is how one should live.

4. One freak hit and Bangladesh could have won. One run in last over and it could have been a tie. Anything was possible like a random chance at toss of dice.

Life Lesson 4: There is an overall seeming randomness in life. In end you lose some and you win some by an unknown roll of dice.

Dispassion is the key to master our mind. It is said that no excessive joy in good times and no excessive sorrow in unfavorable times is how a leader should be or live.

Here you can find the highlights from the actual match in below link.

51 thoughts on “Life lesson from a cricket match

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    1. Yes most of us would have seen..
      I could not forget that day in my office.. all teammates stopped their work n standing together..
      it was last over when all lost hope and went back to their seats

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  1. Who can forget the match! Wonderful writeup 🙂
    That also reminds me of the epic 2nd test of 2001 when VVS laxman and Rahul Dravid batted out a complete day and India won the match after Following on. Have you seen it?

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Dekha tha live aur socha tha ki off kar du TV bt nahi kia… Nxt match Virat special tha Australia k against wo bhi mid Mai lag raha tha difficult hoga.. Good reminder and the tips are invaluable…

    Liked by 2 people

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