Health tip # 33

Drumstick and Moringa leaves(Murungai Keerai)

The drumstick tree is native to India. One can find abundance of these trees in every corner of Indian villages. Our Ancestors once quoted that if you have a drumstick plant on your garden that symbolizes, you have a doctor at home. It is the best medicine for most of the common diseases and it is the most suggested spinach variety for all the age groups.

  1. Drumstick  
  • Drumstick promotes a healthy bone structure due to the presence of high amount of calcium and iron that help build strong bones.
  • Drumstick soup builds immunity power against joint pain, mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer, fever, and eye diseases.
  • Drumstick boosts the heart function maintaining the proper blood flow during sexual activities and supporting the overall sexual function. That’s why our ancestors made it an compulsory food to boost energy..
  • Drumstick seeds have been found very effective to help men in treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Drumstick is the best vegetable in purifying your blood.

2. Moringa leaves

  • The Drumstick leaf extracts contain powerful antioxidants that prevents the damage and degradation caused by cell damage, and inflammation
  • Most importantly Drumstick leaves are the best medicine for mother’s milk secretion and good food for pregnant women.
  • Sugar patients are suggested to take drumstick leaves at least thrice a week to make the level of sugar normal in the blood. Best part is it can prevent the side effects of current generation tablets we intake.
  • Drumstick leaves, pods and seeds have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties
  • The soup of drumstick leaves also prevents asthma.
  • Boiling drumstick leaves with salt and eating it for one week will help to get rid of arthritis problems.


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    1. Yup every village we can find these..
      I forgot to mention we don’t need plant with roots to garden it..
      Just by cutting a part from existing plant and fixing it in normal mud would grow so fast..

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  1. Wow…so informative. On another note 📝
    You are welcome! On another note…
    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Please check out the “Mystery” post on my Site for the instructions. Congratulations! Happy Blogging 😁
    InHisCare 🙏

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