Guitar Lessons At Re 1 Per Day – Inspiration from an Engineer turned guitarist

The story of SV Rao is really an inspiration for learning and sharing knowledge. S.V Rao who is affectionately known as ‘Guitar Rao’ among his students. The 55 year old Civil Engineer from Andhra Pradesh is teaching children how to play guitar for only a rupee a day. He worked at an MNC as a civil engineer and... Continue Reading →

When Red bull was sued – Red Bull doesn’t give you wings

The story of Red bull lawsuit amazes me on how a common man can make a big difference.. We all know Red bull is very famous drink sold by an Austrian company. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink globally with 6.302 billion cans sold across the world. It is said that... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 19

EGGPLANT/BRINJAL If there is south Indian food, there will be brinjal in it. Be it is Sambar, spicy gravy or different kinds of side dishes brinjal would always reserve its place. Our ancestors had told us various heath benefits of this vegetable. here are the few: Brinjal are high in fiber and low in calories, making them... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 18

Sapodilla(Noseberry) Sapodilla is a tasty tropical fruit with an easily digested soft pulp like mango. These are popularly known as Sapota in Tamil and Chiku in Hindi. Spanish were the one who bought this awesome fruit to India in late 19th century. Today Karnataka is known to be the highest grower of the fruit, followed... Continue Reading →

Interesting brand rivalries

History has always been fascinating when it comes to rivalries. Few of them amazes us in various ways and teaches us many life lessons. Below are some interesting brand rivalries over the ages... Lamborghini vs Ferrari Ferruccio Lamborghini who was already a successful tractor manufacturer and was wealthy. At the time, Ferrari cars were considered to... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 17

Cranberries Cranberries considered as powerhouse of antioxidants contain a substance that appears to keep bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and has been shown to help prevent UTI(Urinary tract infections). Studies also says that cranberry juice might help fight age-related damage to the body's tissues. Cranberry juice has an emulsifying effect on the... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 16

Dear Bloggers, Why brushing your tongue is as important as brushing your teeth? We all brush our teeth once or twice a day to keep out teeth clean and white. but if you aren't also attacking the bacteria living on your tongue, then whole day you will have a bad breath.  The truth is, your... Continue Reading →

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