After break up advise

One of my friend recently had a break up and was going through hard time. I have seen people going through break up and their after break up story is really a disaster.

No matter how happy and strong you were, a break up changes your life up and down. But yes but that’s not a fate. Fact is they really don’t want to come out of that sadness literally. Here are few advise I suggest:

1) Concentrate on your food

It’s hard to stop thinking about your ex, but I am sure if you try eating more than what you usually have you might distract yourself.

2) Focus on ‘me time’

After break up you surely have free time, you don’t have the regular commitment. Think about things you wanted to do when your past commitment didn’t allow you. Go out and play join a gym, interact with neighbors and talk to the kids out there in your street. I am sure they will make your day.

3) Turn up the songs

Listening to songs may either heal your pain or remind the so called memories. It doesn’t matter if it reminds you about your ex don’t stop listening to songs at least you will not feel lonely and it’s good to weep out until you feel better.

4) Stop blaming your Ex

Seriously blaming your ex is one of the stupidest thing you could ever do. I mean no there’s point in cursing them for leaving you.

If you really loved them then let them live their life and this will make your after break up life less messy.

5) The pessimist way

I might seem wrong but this is one my personal suggestion. Think about their flaws and ask yourself why her/him. When you are in love you tend to idolize your loved ones, but when you think about their flaws and this might sure help you feel better and let it go.

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  1. Uhmm! After reading your this post, i thought long and hard about all what you said.
    A few things what you said are so right. Breakup is never easy.. the longer the relationship the harder it they kind of become a part of you in a longer run….and when the breakup happens they take a part of you away…. that’s the most difficult part of it..
    And one more thing i would agree with you ….yes we.kind of don’t want to come out of that sadness, it’s as if being happy is a sin kind of feel after the breakup and everytime we end up feeling guilty for being a bit cheerful too.

    Yes all what you said helps but time takes it’s own time to heal the wound.
    One more advice i would suggest to the above list is
    Run…run away from the place it happened… from the place which keeps reminding you of ur past life. It’s the best medicine… a new place and new faces helps to reduce the pain and slowly with the help of time too you can completely recover from a breakup.
    For heavens sake never fall for anyone else for a substitute it will only make things worse at least not till you are stable back again.

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      1. Zaroor….I think I will wind up yar, the book is taking thoda emotional turn beech mein. I think I would rather wind up with a Good feel than an emotional one and it’s going to be 3 soon here… idhukku mele thoongalena sathyama naalakku madhyanam koode ezhundhukka mudiyame poyidum. So bon nuit ji…seri….seri muzhikkadinge ..its just a Good night ….when you sleep…sleep well..

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    1. You are right after break up even if there is a way we don’t want to come out of sadness..
      I admit all these are just a try to heal however can not heal completely.. only time knows how far we have to suffer the pain.

      Your last line is so true never ever fall for a substitute just becoz of break up it ll only make things worse..
      Actually that running away from the place it happened works but only if we do so.. after break up our mind is so adamant that it takes u to same place everytime u go out..
      difficult to overcome all these..
      but I believe these tips can atleast reduce the pain one is going through to some extent..

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      1. Yes .. we might not heal fully as these leaves a scar behind…which no one can see except us. But I believe there is a life beyond the breakup too. May be not immediately but this life has to go on. And i don’t there is any point in wasting time over someone who doesn’t understand your worth. You are much more precious to those who still loves you, and may be in future you will meet someone who loves you just the way you are and acceptes you for what you are.

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  2. oh my god…………lots of breakups and advice……hahahahahah……….good one……. your advice were practical and adoptable………i dont know much about love but i have seen my friends…….. what i think can heal your breakup is your willingness to move on……….if you stuck your feeling with your ex…there is nothing u can do about it………….one should make up his/her mind to move on……coz life is big………and change is the law of nature…..

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  3. We all deal with breakups differently. “Me Time” will definitely help. And yes, stop blaming your ex. There’s no point doing that. I, however, completely disagree with tip #5, Chiru. Isn’t loving about accepting everything about the person including their flaws? So I think, it’s downright unfair to be thinking or using their flaws as reasons to get over the breakup. Actually, that’s so mean.
    Just saying.

    Have a great day!:)

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    1. Yes the me time…
      I understand your point. It is wrong but in case one hurt him/herself after breakup, this might be one way to overcome it…. depend on one’s mind set.


  4. Nicely written, and some nice advice. I like the idea of listening to music. I think a lot of people avoid listening to songs that remind them of an ex, as they feel it stops them “moving on”. I personally disagree, as I think listening to songs that remind you of an ex can help you to feel your feelings and work through them, ultimately leading to acceptance that the relationship is over. Lovely piece.

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    1. Haan listening to music can either cure u or remind u about abt the past…… I understand it totally becoz it happened to me in my times…. But music has a positive effect always as far as I have experience..
      Thanks for ur review..


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