When Red bull was sued – Red Bull doesn’t give you wings

The story of Red bull lawsuit amazes me on how a common man can make a big difference..

We all know Red bull is very famous drink sold by an Austrian company. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink globally with 6.302 billion cans sold across the world. It is said that the famous slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” is the main reason for its huge profit across the globe.

It is understood that the ad was figurative but one man, Benjamin Careathers, took it literally. After ten years of drinking Red Bull, he filed a suit against the company for false advertising and said, that he “neither had wings nor any intellectual performance.” He alleged that the firm misled the consumers to earn millions of dollars and to rise above its competitors.

Red Bull, who did not want a trial that would cost it its reputation, settled the mattered out of court and offered a refund of $10 to any consumer in the United States who had purchased the drink since 2002. It also promised to amend its advertisements.

10 dollars might seem too less but when it comes to 1.4 million customers that had to file a claim through a website, the settlement costed Red Bull GmbH 13 million dollars, with 6.5 million going to a fund through which the refunds were to be processed. That’s huge money. Now you know why that ad doesn’t show up.


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  1. Haha…..ya now understood why the ‘gives you wings’ slogan doesn’t come up in any media…. This was a infotainment kind of share…thanks Chiru…you sure knw how to capture the attention of a reader. Keep it up…and keep sharing friend….

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    1. Yeah.. this slogan was so famous that not even knowing what kind of product red bull is.. ppl used to buy it..
      Apadiya… etho enala mudinjadhu.. I make sure there is enough common interest to read it..

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      1. Yes!This tag line of them made them what they are today as a well known product. But i suppose the same tag line brought some financial damage too…
        Yes and these extra effort you do for us.the layman is what is really appreciable …Nijama than sollren. Naan yen poyi sollaporen.. .☺

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      2. Haha…the higher the fly ….the bigger the fall… Aama kekkanum nu ninachen…neenge yenne rechristen seydha naal lendhu currently apple e kannome….eppidi??? I think it’s time you put on your thinking cap…☺

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      3. Uneasy about what? U calling me sebh? Che….che…aakir that is one of the healthiest fruit. They say even Eve and Adam couldn’t resist it… haha…tho aap kya cheez hein…
        but i hope everything is alright with her..hum ko din jaake dekhna padega uski blog mein ….i hope everything is alright with her.

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