Healthy tip # 4

Dear Bloggers,

Stretching is the most overlooked, but the most important factor of exercising. Stretching helps prevent muscle pulls and tears. Early morning run, jog or walk, or ride a stationary bike to warm up your muscles before stretching. Then, stretch all the basic muscle groups, including arms, buttocks, abs, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, and back…!!

Give a smile whenever you meet a person you know.. Happy Thursday..!!


2 thoughts on “Healthy tip # 4

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  1. Hi Chiru…
    We had a fantastic manager who insisted we stretched before we started work. We were a team of sixty house-keepers with a lot of work to do. But he made sure we all spent at least fifteen minutes at the start of the day stretching before we were allowed to do any work!
    I am sure he was absolutely right about the benefits it would bring, but it did make us laugh – he was such a good sport about it he even got involved in a comedy video we made for a girl who was moving and leaving out team. He was wearing a sporty outfit and shouting out instructions like a keep-fit instructor while a group of us were copying him. We used to call him Mr Motivator.

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