Inspiring tale of Mountain man

Dashrath Manjhi, popularly known as Mountain man was probably one of the best inspiration for all those who feel they don’t have anything so they can’t achieve anything.

A 300-foot tall mountain loomed between Atri block of Gaya, Bihar civilization in Wazirganj made commuting a difficult task for the locals. The treacherous trek up and around the mountain took hours. This led to frequent accidents and death of locals who lost their lives purely because reaching for medical facilities took hours.

Dashrath Manjhi was a landless laborer who used to work in the fields on the other side of the mountain and lived with his wife, Falguni. One day when Manjhi’s wife was taking lunch for her husband to the fields. While trekking down the mountain broke her leg and eventually lost her life in the nearest hospital that is 70kms away. Felt bad at his wife’s loss, he took a pledge to break down the mountain so as to create a path in between. After losing his wife in 1959, Manjhi took up a challenge against the mountain and sold his goats to buy a hammer and chisel.

The Locals treated him as mental, called him lunatic for such craziness. The People just believed that one man cannot make this possible instead of helping him. After a struggle of 22 years (1960-1982), a tiny cleft across a rock wall opened up a passage 360 feet long and 30 feet wide. If people in the town would have helped him, the struggle would not be of 22 long years.


Your Hard work is appreciated only when there is an Outcome.

Today the villagers are enjoying the 15 minutes passage to cross the mountain who once struggled trekking up and down the mountain for decades. Not many are aware of this man’s greatness before Bollywood converting his life story into a film.

Manjhi died in 2007. The film’s postscript states that 52 years after he started breaking the mountain, 30 years after he finished and 4 years after his death the government finally made a metaled road to Gehlaur in 2011 and officially names the road as “Dashrath Manjhi Path”.


His life gives a moral lesson that a small man, who has no money and no power can challenge a mighty mountain.

One of the best quote form the Biopic :

“Bhagwan ke bharose mat baitho, ka pata u humre bharose baitha ho!”

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