4 Worst Inventions destroying Mankind and Nature

1) PLASTIC – The Disaster

Plastic was created during early 1930’s and it was a great revolution back then as they’ve saved millions of trees from making paper. Today Plastic bags nearly spread over all the places–lands, rivers, mountains, oceans, and so on. Until one day, when we have all left, it will be still occupying the earth, because they are “immortal”. Since the emergence of plastic, it even surpasses cockroach and becomes the last witness of human civilization.

Plastics have done so much to us that I could write an 10 page essay about how plastics is destroying our Planet. 


Solution: Only possible way to reduce the immortal plastic is by using biodegradable materials. Some countries have already started using biodegradable materials to make plastic bags. we do not know at what time humankind can say goodbye to the disaster “plastics”.



I once argued with my MBA classmates while taking a seminar on Nuclear power that the U.S should have never invented Atomic bomb. The reply from the crowd was, “If the U.S haven’t, some other developed nations would have definitely done so”.

Nuclear weapons have long-reaching consequences that go far beyond the initial annihilation of their targets. After the instant death of most life forms in the impact zone, radioactive particles rain down from the sky, contaminating the air, water, soil and food supply for thousands of miles. Then there are the genetic mutations seen in humans, animals and plants after they’re exposed to radiation.

There’s no solution as i believe countries won’t stop hating each other and always be ready to attack or defense.


Agent orange was originally invented as a way to increase the growth of soybeans, but it was found to be a strong defoliant when used in large quantities. The US government used it in the Vietnam war along with napalm to kill the vegetation. Unfortunately, agent orange ended up doing harm to much more than just the plants. It is estimated that agent orange killed over 400,000 people. It also caused birth defects for hundreds of thousands of children, and lifelong health problems for an equal number of adults.Nearly 5 million acres of jungle and 500,000 acres of crops were left denuded or heavily damaged, leading to a domino effect of ecological problems.



Cigarettes are the only product that are widely commercialized and killing almost half of its Users. Originally developed back in the ninth century for religious rituals, today cigarettes are highly addictive and post serious risks to those who smoke and anyone around them. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), more than one billion people are current smokers, that is, one in seven humans on earth are smokers. It is estimated that about 7 million people die from smoking worldwide annually.

Solution:This is avoidable if only we quit cigarette smoking. At governmental level, laws should be made to discourage cultivation of tobacco, manufacturing and distribution of cigarette, as well as exportation and importation of tobacco. 

I seriously don’t think any government would discourage the cultivation of tobacco….!!

28 thoughts on “4 Worst Inventions destroying Mankind and Nature

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  1. Wonderful thoughts! It is so heartbreaking to see the plastic garbage everywhere and cows and dogs eating it. 😦 i am trying to live plastic-free but it is SO hard – thanks for this inspiration. Feel encouraged to begin again. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for the comment.. Sad fact is people don’t care about other species.. but the day will cum when human creation will be threat to us by then it will be too late to react…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We can all try a little bit – just that one wrapper less, one plastic water bottle less – and somehow things may move in the opposite direction – towards harmony and peace with the world around us! 🙂 Thank YOU for raising these critical issues. 🙂

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