The Awesome Impact Award

Hello My Dear Bloggers,

I am happy to be nominated ” The Awesome Impact Award ” by Prasath. Thanks a lot for nominating my name and congrats to you for being nominated. All the best for your future.  


Thanks to the creator RAD GAMER for initiating such award to encourage bloggers. I would also thank Akshaya for passing the chain. Inspiration is what we all need to keep life on track. Its like encourage two, they will in turn encourage four and then four will do for eight and so on……!!


This award ” The Awesome Impact Award” was created by Rad Gamer , an awesome blogger in WordPress .

This was created when he was sitting on his chair and was thinking about a post idea, at that point he came up with this. He thought that this Award would share a really good message and an awesome vibe to whosoever who sees it. Also thought that everyone has had a moment when their life was impacted in a good way; it may be a trip, a person or something else. So he believes that this would be a really motivational thing to do.


Prasath – He is an awesome blogger and I specially like his post about mesmerizing locations in India. That’s how Incredible India is showcased. Check out his blog here.

The Rules :

  1.  Tag the person who nominated you.
  2.  Take “The Awesome Impact Award” Picture and add that in your post.
  3.  Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
  4.  Nominate other awesome bloggers for this award.

About the positive thing in my life :

We all have positive vibes around us. we just have to feel it and get inspired.

One positive incident which i would never forget in my Life. 

After completing MBA I suffered a minor accident which could have been severe if a small pool of water waren’t there to save me. I lost 3 of my front teeths and was in bed rest for almost 2 months. With no job on hand and recovering too slow I was in depression and felt I have done everything wrong in my life. Quiting a 20K salary and joining MBA was a big mistake I thought. I felt like I am of no use. Thats when my Best friend “Shivajyothi” came to see me all the way from Bangalore to Chennai for the first time. We met in one of my friend’s marriage and all she was doing was console me the whole time. She handed out Rs.3000 to me and said “Chiru, Please keep it for your health and spending, u have not earned for past two years” She was earning just Rs.15000 at that time(2015). I asked her, “why are you doing this. I have nothing to offer you and make you feel happy”. She said, “You are my Best friend Chiru”.Thats it.

I still remember her reminding me of confidence and how strong I am. At that point when there was no one was there for me even my dad hated me for my decisions, It was her who boosted me with confidence and get going. She is truly one of my inspiration to change my life.

A huge thanks to WordPress community for a free blogging site. I personally feel this is one of the great platform to share and showcase talents. Each individual has an unique talent, they just need to express themselves to the world.

When I started blogging i didn’t thought i would find so many people sharing their unque creativity. I should have started this a long back I feel.

Get Inspired and Inspire others.!!

My Nominees are:



2)The Flawless



5)Rudra makwana


Congratulations to all the Nominees and  Thank you once again Prasath.

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