Colonel Sanders – The man behind KFC

The story of Colonel Harland Sanders is truly amazing. This story is inspirational because it’s an example of how perseverance, dedication, and ambition along with hard work can create success; regardless of your age.


Sanders was born in 1890.When he was six years old, his father passed away leaving Sanders to cook and care for his siblings.At age 16 he quit school. At age 17 he had already lost four jobs. At age 18 he got married. He joined the army and washed out there. At age 20 his wife left him and took their baby. He became a cook in a small cafe and convinced his wife to return home.

In 1920, he founded a ferry boat company. Later, he tried cashing in his ferry boat business to create a lamp manufacturing company only to find out that another company already sold a better version of his lamp.

It wasn’t until age 40 that he began selling chicken dishes in a service station. As he began to advertise his food, an argument with a competitor resulted in a deadly shootout. Four years later, he bought a motel which burned to the ground along with his restaurant. Yet this determined man rebuilt and ran a new motel until World War II forced him to close it down.

On the 1st day of retirement he received a cheque from the Government for $105. He felt that the Government was saying that he couldn’t provide for himself.

At age 65 he retired. He felt like a failure & decided to commit suicide. He sat writing his will, but instead, he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life & thought about how good of a cook he was. Following the war, he tried to franchise his restaurant. His recipe was rejected 1,009 times before anyone accepted it. Sander’s “secret recipe” was coined “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, and quickly became a hit.That’s when he sold his first restaurant, and began developing the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in earnest. Nearly 60-years-old, he would spend days at a restaurant, peddling his chicken technique, cooking for customers, and often sleeping in the back of his car. At 73, he sold KFC for $2 million. Even today, Sanders remains central in KFC’s branding and his face still appears in their logo.At age 90, Sanders passed away from pneumonia. At that time, there were around 6,000 KFC locations in 48 countries.

If you’re overwhelmed by rejection or discouraged by setbacks, remember the story of Colonel Harland Sanders. Fired from multiple jobs, ruined his legal career, was set back by the Great Depression, fires and World War II, yet still created one of the largest fast food chains in the world.


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      1. Uhmm….indha inspiration e vittudadhinge….keep giving us more.. the way Wednesday vandhiduchue weekend homework vendama…ille erkanave weekend booked aa? By the way do you like listening to music?

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      2. yup Inspiration than base eh….
        Oh yes correct time nyabagam paduthuninga.. Ila pa I don’t plan in advance at all.. I m too bad at it… music yes who in the world will hate it..

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      3. Ok….so here are your two movies for this weekend …
        1. Death at a funeral (2010).. This is a black comedy… if u have not seen a black comedy before this is a good introduction . But download the 2010 version..
        This is the movie i told Peter Dinklage has done a good role..(remember Tyrion lannister of GOT)
        2 . A Walk to Remember (2002)
        This movie is based on Nicholas Sparks novel by the same name.. .
        Because you liked’ Me before you’ ..I am sure you will like this too.
        It’s one of my favourite . I had borrowed this same title for one of my poem if you remember…

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      4. Haha….glad u appreciate it..Endha vela senjalum sincere aa pannanum ninakirava nan… so i find it nice you appreciate it. But it’s nice to knw what you watch illaya….like a kutti personal review trailor of mine for you.

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      5. neeche aane ki zarurat nahi beta aage badthe jaawo…
        U remember that humor quote in tamil vazhkai la nama munadi poganum nu nenaikradhu appa amma aparam bus conductor…(nikaadha mundai poikite iru po po po)

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      6. Yes ….exactly PTC bus time can’t be easily erased. Andha oru feel vere oru state le yum kidakkadhu nu ninakkiren. Even though I haven’t attempted boarding any bus in any other state. PTC is a nostalgia of college days.

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